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The Lost Art of Discernment - Father Reginald Udouj

March 14, 2022
the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure


I met Father Reginald Udouj a few years ago when I was hanging out at the Subiaco monastery searching for a quiet place and I really liked him.  So I caught back up with him to talk about the practice of discernment.  You see Father Reginald is also a Benedictine monk and I thought he might have some pretty good insights about what it's like to hold an idea in your head and knock it around for awhile.  He did not disappoint.

And for good measure I also recorded the original story of when I met him called "A Space in Between" that I wrote for Arkansas Life a couple of years ago.  Settle in folks, this is a good one.

Music:  Sofi - SomeGuyNamedRobb


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